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The Directors of manyriversfilms are proud to celebrate our award winning MI5 spy thriller Complicit

In fighting the War on Terror is torture ever justified? Or do we risk losing everything we stand for as a democratic nation by allying ourselves with the brutal torturers of foreign dictatorships?

David Oyelowo (Jack Reacher, Lincoln, The Paperboy) stars as a British intelligence officer caught up in the moral complexities of fighting the war on terror in a compelling new manyriversfilms thriller from acclaimed writer Guy Hibbert (Blood and Oil, Five Minutes of Heaven, Omagh).

In a stunning British spy movie tale, Complicit follows Edward (David Oyelowo) an MI5 officer desperate to foil what he believes is another 9/11 style atrocity planned by British terror suspect Waleed (Arsher Ali (Four Lions)).

Trailing Waleed from the grim back streets of East London to the terrorist badlands of the Middle East, Edward becomes convinced that an attack on London is imminent. With time running out Edward is forced into choosing between two morally devastating outcomes.

Complicit, based on extensive research into Britain's real life spies paints a vivid and realistic portrait of the dangerous world of MI5 and counterterrorism.

Complicit was produced by manyriversfilms an independent UK production company with decades of experience filming in terrorist hotspots including Afghanistan, Iran and Syria.

Commissioned by Channel 4, Complicit is written by Guy Hibbert, directed by Niall McCormick (The Long Walk To Finchley) and produced by Jolyon Symonds (Mrs Mandela) and by Kevin Toolis (Cult of the Suicide Bomber) and was shot in London and the Middle East.

"Complicit is a movie that goes right to heart of that key moral question of our time. Can torture ever be justified? And how far can we go in the war on terror to stop another potential 9/11 attack without destroying the very democratic values we are fighting to preserve" says producer and terror expert Kevin Toolis.

Complicit has a global distribution deal with Content Media Corp International (+1 310 576 1059, and is slated for theatrical release in 2013.

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Complicit is a manyriversfilms production for Channel 4
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